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Presentation of Latest Confirmatory EVX-01 Clinical Data with Key Opinion Leader Professor Adnan Khattak

Nov 8, 2023 from 5:30 PM to 6:00 PM CET
In this presentation, Professor Adnan Khattak will set the scene by introducing participants to the medical field of malignant melanoma and the need that Evaxion’s personalized cancer vaccines is trying to meet.


  • Welcome by Evaxion's Chief Scientific Officer, Birgitte Rønø
  • Lay-man introduction to malignant melanoma, Prof. Adnan Khattak
  • EVX-01 phase 1 results summary, Prof. Adnan Khattak
  • EVX-01 phase 2 initial results, Prof. Adnan Khattak
  • The potential of EVX-01 and PCVs in the treatment of cancer, Prof. Adnan Khattak
  • Q&A

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